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February 26, 2011
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Yaoi. As in gay men. As in like. Bums 'n willies. If you don't like it, don't continue reading. It'll waste a lot of un-needed time. And, flamers make the French sad. :}C
****Translations in Description!****

A small sigh escaped the Spainyard, his body curving in pain. He couldn't take it anymore, all these insults. Every. Single. Day. It was almost insane how much Romano could say, and Antonio would still laugh it off, it's what he was well known for.

"Vete al infierno, español hijo de puta"

It was the first time, Romano had spoken his tongue to him. And he opted to say that. It hurt him. All he could do was sigh in agony whilst the Italian walked away, proud.

Romano stopped in his tracks. There was no laugh, n'or was there Antonio's hand to grab his shoulder. He felt. Cold. Romano had issues where he'd speak without thinking. Hell. He knew the Spanish man wouldn't be offended, let-alone hurt, it wasn't in his intentions, he didn't even think the older man could get hurt. The man's smile was constantly on his face, like a painting, a beautiful, Italian painting.

Romano's gaze roamed over to him, but he was now facing the window, grabbing the white painted frame for support, dramatic, as always. But fuck. Romano felt horrible, this was supposed to be the almighty fighter Spain. Romano would never admitt it, although, the only reason he said that was to show of that he'd learnt Spanish. He could only imagine how Spain would react to that.

"H-hey!" Romano spoke up. Desperate to break the silence. A small phazed 'hmm' replied him, along with emerald eyes, turning to him, oh God, Romano felt his cheeks start to flush as he panicked on what to say next. "B-bastard, why are you so upset?!"

Antonio simply shrugged, they both knew, however, why he was upset.

"Are you.. mad at me?" Romano grumbled, a small shaking of the head was his reply.

"No, it is fine, I assure you, hijo"
Tch, that cursed tongue of a language. If Spain hadn't kept bugging for Romano to learn it---

"Puedes gritarme, si quieres." Romano said, barely a whisper, but enough to bring a small blush to the Spainyards face.

"Are you asking for a punishment, Romano?" He replied, a small smirk following, Romano's face flushed

"Figlio di una cagna!" Romano shouted back in reply, back in his own tongue "Nowhere close to it!"

"Ah~" Spain sighed, his idiotic smile returning to his face once again, and God, as if the man before him wasn't beautiful enough already, the way he smiled made Romano doubt the fact that he'd even been upset, so full of happiness, and... how to describe it.... Adoration? He blushed at the thought.

"B-bastard. Don't be so nice to me.." He said, with all honesty, he didn't really like to get away with all the baggage he gives his Boss.

"Why wouldn't I be nice to you, mi amor~?" Back into his stupid language, the way he spoke it, almost a purr as he spoke. It always sent shivers down Romano's spine whenever he called him that. He'd never admitt it though, even if it was painfully obvious.

"I'm not nice to you." He replied stubbornly. Antonio pondered for a moment before giving another one of his handsome smiles.

"But, I forgive you, none-the-less" Why was this man so, caring? God-dammit! "You'd forgive me too, right?"

The Italian gave a small embarassed nod, before quickly adding "Not that you'd ever get mean with me"

"Of course not" Spain said happily. He hopped over from the window, swinging his arm around the smaller man's shoulders. "Come come now Romano! We're almost late for siesta!"

Romano blushed hard, rolling his eyes, this guy really knew how to play with him sometimes. Not that Romano didn't know how to handle him back.

"Sure, I'll be right there" Romano replied, sliding out of the man's grip. He slowly pulled off his jumper, realising after that the Spainyard was still watching him. "W-what? Bastard!"

The Spanish man had already made himself more than comfortable on the couch, leaning back casually whilst dazzling green eyes traced over Romano's movements.

"I was wondering.." Spain started, his idiotic blush starting to seep through his lightly tanned skin again.

"What is it now?" Romano replied impatiently.

"Would you, speak Spanish to me again?"

Romano froze. Turning away as his face flushed. "Sí, señor..." A small smirk plastered onto his face, "But... on one condition"

Antonio smiled. "Anything you want, hijo"

Romano turned to face him, his face was burning at this point, but he was desperate to make it up to his boss, gently letting his thumb slowly pop open the top button of his shirt he replied

"You have to be a little mean to me"
Hah. It was a drabble that I did. It's not the best. Mainly because I was so bored.

I don't really know what to say about this pairing. I mean, I can't imagine Romano apologizing for anything, and I can't imagine Spain being mad for too long either. So, in my head Romano will attempt to say something to cheer him up, and Spain would take it the wrong way. I hope that makes sense.


"Vete al infierno, español hijo de puta" ---- "Go to hell, Spanish Bastard"

"hijo" ---- "My boy"

"Puedes gritarme, si quieres." ---- "You can yell at me, if you like.."

"Figlio di una cagna" ---- "Son-of-va-bitch"

"Mi amor" ---- "My love"

"Sí, señor..." ---- "Yes sir"

I used Google Translator for it, since my Spanish is bad. Cx If there's an error in the translation/Spanish please tell me so I can fix it.

HURRRRR. I don't own anyone from Hetalia. If I did, I'd be making them do this every episode. :iconpedofranceplz: HONHONHON.
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